Greek bouzouki     Guitar


I begun playing the greek bouzouki at the early age of 7, after my parents' prompt. Even though I had several tutors at my initial musical steps, the results were unsatisfactory. Thus, I decided to quit taking lessons and try to find my own way through. My choice proved to be right in terms of the enhancement of my technical playing skills. Nevertheless, the downside was that I did not experience the same progress in the theoretical part.

So, the way I devised to overcome this shortcoming has always been my effort to interact with fellow-musicians. Within this context, I participated in various amateur groups and was able to vastly expand my repertoire and improve my improvisational skills.

Below you can find three samples of my playing recorded in the past few years.



 Song-Na xareis ta matia sou (S.Zafeiriou)

Furthermore, I will be progressively adding more songs from the recordings of the Greek Radio Show at WUVT 90.6 on 03/19/2011. Many thanks to Dr. Hatzios who gave me the opportunity to play live in the studio with my bouzouki on that day! The following are a couple of songs I performed:

 To Zeibekiko tis Evdokias (M.Loizos)

 Peiraiwtiko Zeibekiko (Y.Moraitis)

Finally, I since 2004 I have been teaching bouzouki through private lessons. Throughout the years, I have developed a novel teaching framework that consists of original approaches for both practical and theoretical aspects of bouzouki technique. I also took advantage of technology to deliver online bouzouki lessons through Skype. If interested, do not hesitate to contact me, to work out the details!